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Revert "strfmt-script: move to epel-7 for mock"
with the original patch smoke fails with: 14:18:42 ERROR: Could not find required config file: /etc/mock/epel-7-i386.cfg 14:18:42 ERROR: If you're trying to specify a path, include the .cfg extension, e.g. -r ./target.cfg This reverts commit 8f1051f6da0398832ce13abff945cec8b9bf3aee. Change-Id: Idb5e16ca2c52567616a074dcd63663fa8e294705
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--- a/build-gluster-org/scripts/
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
./configure --enable-fusermount || exit 1
cd extras/LinuxRPM
make prep srcrpm || exit 1
-sudo mock -r 'epel-7-i386' --resultdir=${WORKSPACE}/RPMS/"%(dist)s"/"%(target_arch)s"/ --cleanup-after --rebuild glusterfs*src.rpm || exit 1
+sudo mock -r 'epel-6-i386' --resultdir=${WORKSPACE}/RPMS/"%(dist)s"/"%(target_arch)s"/ --cleanup-after --rebuild glusterfs*src.rpm || exit 1
rm -f warnings.txt
grep -E ".*: warning: format '%.*' expects( argument of)? type '.*', but argument .* has type 'ssize_t" ${WORKSPACE}/RPMS/el6/i686/build.log | tee -a warnings.txt