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* library functions: remove-brick, quota, profileVijaykumar2012-01-192-126/+366
* Adding new function get_active_volume to get the information about the active...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2012-01-191-2/+11
* validate stderr stream also. This is useful for performing negative testingShwetha-H-Panduranga2012-01-041-11/+18
* return 'output' dictionary from serverutils.execute_on_brick and clientutils....Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-272-4/+9
* Changing the function assert_success and assert_failure in atfutils to take e...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-214-35/+41
* Adding new function validate_output to check whether expected_exit_status an...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-211-0/+29
* Adding new argument 'operation' for the function volume_replacebrick to speci...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-211-5/+5
* The hostutils.execute_command now returns output(type dict). Hence reflecting...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-202-4/+4
* Changes made to '_substitute_value_for_variables' function. The function now ...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-201-37/+56
* log variable doesn't exists. The variable we should be referring is 'self._ha...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-201-1/+1
* Error in referring to the variable. The variable should be testcase['version'...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-201-3/+2
* Adding function 'expect' to atfutils. This function searches for 'actual_stri...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-201-0/+16
* Changes made to volume info. This is to support multiple 'volumetypes' and co...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-133-17/+36
* Changes to logger class, Using the logger class in the framework, adding new ...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-1211-287/+311
* Changes to logger class, Using the logger class in the framework, adding new ...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-121-145/+61
* Renaming DirectoriesShwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-0713-0/+2660