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* Adding afr basic testcases(fileops, dirops tests)Shwetha-H-Panduranga2012-01-204-0/+1129
* We are using 'img' python module in atfexecute for loading the testunit modul...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-201-0/+1
* Changes made to volume info. This is to support multiple 'volumetypes' and co...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-131-3/+5
* Changes to logger class, Using the logger class in the framework, adding new ...Shwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-122-0/+9
* Adding Readme, testunit fileShwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-122-69/+113
* Renaming DirectoriesShwetha-H-Panduranga2011-12-074-0/+272